Valentine's Day?

Oh Valentine's Day.  I feel the older I get the less I am obsessed with Valentine's Day.  However, for pure enjoyment of dressing in white, pink and red, I have decided to celebrate the little cupid and all his bows and arrows.  I have found some awesome and unique gifts from etsy to share.  Even though they are not flowers, these creative gifts leave me excited about the over dramatized holiday. Crochet Scarf


Crochet Baby Hat 
This is so cute.  If I had a baby she would be wearing this all the time!
Coffee Cozy
Flower Necklace 
I think I love this because it's similar to the Hide and Seek Design logo.

Button Earrings

'I Love You' Yarn Ball
Poppy Pendant

Yarn Wreath
Red Wood Ring
Till next great design!