{Jay and Anne}

15 September 2012
Private Residence
Lexington, KY

Details, details, details.  I loved working with Anne! She has an absolutely wonderful creative touch.  She needs to join the Hide and Seek Design team...wink, wink.

When we met and she explained her vision and her attention to the details and all the finishing touches I was really excited and honored to be included in her Wedding.

Anne and Jay have a stunning lush backyard retreat and that is exactly where they shared their vows and celebrated with friends and family. I could hardly put the camera down to install all the flowers.  From orange textured flowers, to hanging lights, to burlap runners, to a kid's table with coloring books I wanted to get lost in, to a Photo Booth that consisted of antique frames hung in the trees, the list could go on.

If you cannot tell I loved working with Anne, so to parallel her attention to detail I spent a lot of time adding in small delicate flowers to her bouquet and all the corsages and boutonnieres.  Ranunculus, Star of Bethlehem, Daisy Fever Few, Zinnias, Scapiosa Pods, Veronica, Roses, Marigolds, etc, but I think my favorite added touch, which was added fresh, no not dried, was the pitcher plant.  So awesome!

Congrats again Anne and Jay!

Till next time......seek great design!