How Charming Bridal Event

In early January Hide and Seek had the opportunity to participate in the How Charming Bridal Event at Keeneland. This was our second year at the show and we fully enjoyed ourselves. We were surrounded by some really talented vendors, many of which I am lucky to consider great friends. Despite the rain, which poured all day, Hide and Seek's booth had a few pops of vibrant color, which reeled the Brides in for a few minutes of fun conversation. Our newest rental item, the awesome iron trellis, made its first appearance at the show and won the hearts of many Brides.

Cheers to 2013. Lets fill it with another wonderful year of creativity and FLOWERS!

Till next great design.

2013-02-08_0001.jpg 2013-02-08_0003.jpg 2013-02-08_0004.jpg 2013-02-08_0005.jpg