{Brodi and Kelli}

22 June 2013Todds Road Grace Church Lexington, KY

I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know and work with Kelli and Brodi, the wonderful bride and groom, and the Kelli's parents. Since Kelli's mom Ellis was planning the wedding, I consistently corresponded with her. Wow did I learn early on how crafty she really was! She made table runners, napkin holders, keepsakes, the cake and even put together the succulent centerpieces. I was thourougly impressed.

Kelli wanted a very rustic wedding, and she adored succulents. All the bouquets had a natural feel with succulents and accent greens tucked throughout. With canary yellow accents we had a lot of fun weaving billy balls into the bouquets, the centerpieces and the whimsical head table.

I think what I enjoyed most about working with this couple was to see the love the family had for one another. The wedding was hours from starting and Kelli's Dad was already tearing up. This family is a wonderful illustration of love. Cheers to you both!

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