A little MORE fun with KioKreations

A week ago I traveled back to Chicago Land to help a good friend, Kristen, owner of KioKreations with more weddings.  The trip back North to my Midwest homeland was much MUCH more exciting this time around because it involved an adorable, red-headed baby named Aria.  Yep Kristen had her baby!  I was so happy to hold her 4 days after she was born.  Such a cutie. So, with Kristen on maternity leave, there was some serious "flower designing" that needed to happen.  Both Weddings were again stunning because KioKreations is the best!  I had the pleasure of taking the lead on the first Wedding which had awesome colors and beyond all else, a fabulous venue, the Danada House in Wheaton, Illionois.  The architecture flowed quite well from the old historic mansion into the beautifully designed outdoor spaces.

The reception area was a recent addition to the back of the house, and I have to say the architects and the design team did a great job.  The addition was seamless from old to new, and the space, with glass walls and modern lighting fixtures, integrated visual connections to the outdoor gardens and surrounding nature preserve.

I also worked this wedding with Denise, from Weddings by Denise.  I loved getting to know her, and learning more about her business.  It is always great to say I have one more friend in the Chicago Land area to visit.

Oh, and this Wedding used the wonderful lavender herb!!  The aroma filled the reception!

The second Wedding was great as well, but the colors and design were completely different from the first.  Instead of a rustic, elegant look, the flowers were bright, loud and modern.  I loved the collaboration of all the yellows, oranges and purples.  Billy Balls, which have been a popular flower lately, always make arrangements look fun and interesting.

Till next time....seek great design!